StackOps OpenStack Distro 1.0.1 released: featuring StackOps Portal
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StackOps OpenStack Distro 1.0.1 released: featuring StackOps Portal

We are glad to announce a new version 1.0.1 of our StackOps Community Distro, the tool that has helped over 40,000 users take their first steps into OpenStack. This release is the last stable version based in the Stable branch of Essex. This version bundles a big step ahead in the StackOps product strategy with the new StackOps Portal, the web-desktop based integration software that will help OpenStack become the foundational tool of the new datacenter. StackOps Portal will allow you to easily integrate, through its SDK, any application you need to perform your daily operations. StackOps portal will also serve as the meeting point of all software companies developing applications around OpenStack components. Storage vendors, network enablers, monitoring tools, etc can be easily integrated with keystone and extend your OpenStack capabilities to other useful services.

The list of enhancements, fixed bugs and outstanding issues are detailed as follows.

List of enhancements:

  • StackOps Portal web platform
  • Portal plugins:
    • Users, Roles and Tenants management
    • Openstack Horizon
    • StackOps Documentation
    • OpenStack CLI Documentation STACKOPSPORTALPLUGINS-27
    • StackOps Products STACKOPSPORTALPLUGINS-26
  • Include mdadm in distro for software raid support (STACKOPSDISTRO-31)
  • Include gpm in distro (STACKOPSDISTRO-145)

The following bugs were fixed:

  • STACKOPSDISTRO-159 Redirect /horizon to /horizon/ to enable authorization
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-152 Problem when change Horizon admin password
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-149 Volumes Detach fixed
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-146 Create a diagnostic script for the users can report us complete information about problems
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-145 Add “UseDNS no” to sshd config
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-144 NovaComputeConfig._configureNFS delete all lines in /etc/fstab
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-140 Collectd fails to start in multi node deployments
  • STACKOPSPORTAL-95 Test access to portal using SSL
  • STACKOPSPORTAL-83 Create redirection to /portal
  • STACKOPSPORTALPLUGINS-22 Documentation plugins should redirect to general documentation instead enterprise doc.

Outstanding issues:

  • mdadm daemon start twice and shows an error indicating is already running.

You can download the latest version of the Community distro here

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