StackOps Distro - Year one
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StackOps Distro – Year one

A year has passed since we launched the first version of the StackOps Distro for Openstack Nova, and and we could not imagine all the things that happened to us in 365 days. Looking back you realize all the things Arturo and I have done in such a short period of time, and we feel they are few… we need more time, hands and neurons. The Distro has worked way better than expected. We never imagined we would have this number of downloads and deployments. Never:

  • We are touching the 15000 Nova OpenStack deployments over 22000 downloads and about 2600 registered users (we allow anonymous installation of the distro). In the chart we see the three types of deployment allowed: Single Node, Multi Node and Dual Node.
  • We have started to build the team that will help us realize our vision of what should be a ‘Full Stack’ of IT oriented OpenStack Nova for Professionals and Hosters. There is no doubt that without this team we could not make the leaps that we are taking forward.
  • We have investors who have trusted us and have provided the seed capital needed to launch our company: Venture Capital, Public Funding, Business Angels, Family, Fools, Friends and us. This task was one that took most of our time and energy in 2011. Finding capital for a 100% technology project in Spain is complicated. And we managed to do it.
  • The business activity of the company has begun outside of the Spanish boundaries. As an evidenced our presence in international events like the recent sectoral World Hosting Days 2012 .

But this is just the beginning. We understand the challenges we face and what we need to tackle this 2012:

  • We need to continue our deployment of platforms of OpenStack Nova in production. We do not count pilots and proofs of concept as valid deployments. Only real production environments matter.
  • We also want to be deeply involved in the development of OpenStack Nova in coming iterations. We have detected Nova needs and we would like to take the responsibility to implement and contribute them back to the community. We already have code to contribute in the next release, but we want more.
  • The pace of the company’s international expansion is something we care about. We think that Spanish market may represent less than 5% of the potential market that we can manage. We do not think StackOps as a local company, but global  one (has anybody noticed that we have no website in Spanish?). Half of StackOps will pack and move to the US to be also physically closer to OpenStack ecosystem, the community and our customers.

Finally, our goal is to offer a complete, integrated solution for managing OpenStack Nova. We’ve been working on this, but certainly throughout the year we will announce new components and services, and we think customers will love it.

Next week we will be in San Francisco at the OpenStack Summit and Conference with our own booth. A year ago we went out there ‘to see what was going on,’ and this year we want to have more presence showing to all the visitors what we are doing.
Year 2 will be challenging, and I hope next year I will say we did handle it successfully. I’m pretty sure.

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