Stackops Openstack Distro 0.5 released, with support for StackOps Enterprise Head Manager

We are very proud to announce the 0.5 version of the Stackops Openstack Distro. This distro contains everything needed to deploy a Openstack Nova stack and has already been downloaded by more than 24000 users around the globe. This release is the last one based in the Stable branch of Diablo, and comes with some new components and features, some of them developed by Openstack community and some others developed by us and demanded by users. This release also comes with support for StackOps Enterprise Head-Manager. Head-Manager is the tool we use to deploy Production-ready Openstack clouds based on our distro. Now all users can test drive the tool in their own datacenters. To install the tool, you only need to follow the instructions here. You will need to contact our sales department for a free trial license.

List of enhancements:

  • Configure horizon for https only access
  • configure hugepages
  • configure quotas
  • default admin token now is random
  • modified sysctl to support swapless system
  • configure libvirt for stackops compute server failover
  • blacklisted vg16fb to accelerate display
  • Using cloudbuilders version of novnc
  • Modified from LACP to active-backup bonding
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-40 – Add bonding support to compute node configuration
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-52 – ‘Default’ user should be created optionally in keystone
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-53 – Agent should allow floating range configuration with a list of public IPs
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-37 – Add iptable rules to optionally protect the public IP addresses of the platform
  • Added script to manually add public ips
  • Added new ‘–bridged_interface’ parameter
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-49: enable tcp communication in libvirt to re-enable live-migration
  • Added shared folder specific scheduler
  • Added –override_bridge_interface parameter to allow configuration of different network interfaces
  • Added NFS support for virtual disk volumes
  • Added stackops and powered by openstack logo
  • Fixed attach, detach and delete volumes
  • Backported Volumes support from Essex-1

The following bugs and issues has been fixed:

  • STACKOPSDISTRO-58 SVN Conflicted File Horizon
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-47 Cannot create a shared filesystem. Wrong service name for instances_path property
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-51 python-novaclient==2.6.7 not found in pip repository installing Horizon
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-59 ViewDoesNotExist at XYZ
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-66 Avoid internet connection on Horizon installation
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-15 STACKOPSDISTRO-66 virtualenv fails to install with easy_install if no internet connection available
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-36 Cannot access NOVA API. Keystone confguration wrong
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-41 Cannot use public IP in DualNode configuration for VNC proxy
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-63 Delete /etc/nova/CONFIG_STATUS always when starting the agent
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-8 Agent should report information status of the different components of the node
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-23 Stackops Node fails to show IP on start when using DHCP client
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-50 Instance migration failed with vnc parameters
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-49 libvirtd tcp connections need to be configured
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-55 Mount nfs volumes fail after bondig setup.
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-40 Add bonding support to compute node configuration
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-54 Agent fail when try to reconfigure bonding interfaces.
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-52 ‘Default’ user should be created optionally in keystone
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-53 Agent should allow floating range configuration with a list of public IPs
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-13 Security Updates repositories fails when installing in a disconnected server
  • STACKOPSDISTRO-45 Changing the MYSQL password from the installer doesn’t get correctly passed around

You can download the 0.5 version of the distro from our site:


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