Happy fourth birthday OpenStack! We give credit for free only this week!

It seems incredible that have passed four years since OpenStack was born… Today there are hundreds of companies and employees working every day to make the project bigger. Nothing to do with the modest beginning of the early days, where only a handful of developers and a few companies saw the potential behind this initiative…. […]

Schedule Daily and Weekly Backups with OpenStack

There is no doubt that instances backup is key to run solutions safely in the StackOps platform. Unfortunately OpenStack does not incorporate a service that allows to schedule these backups automatically according to customer needs. So in Stackops we have extended the capabilities of OpenStack so that our customers can schedule backups on a regular […]

StackOps is working to innovate in the Private Cloud

Even the most traditional IT environments as ERPs or CICS systems can also innovate in Private Cloud environments with Stackops. So in collaboration with Label and Codeoscopic Group, in the project “Desarrollo de una nueva plataforma de integración de sistemas CICS con ERP y mutitarificador en compañías de seguros” whose goal is the development of a […]

Teleporter – Migrate your solutions to Openstack

Migrate your solution to OpenStack One of the hardest tasks that you can find is having to migrate from one environment to another. It does not matter if the environment is physical, virtual or cloud … it does not matter whether the provider is Cloud X or Y. You will always have to manage a […]

Presentación StackOps Virtual Datacenter

Durante los últimos tres años hemos trabajado para construir una plataforma de Infraestructura como Servicio pensando en todas las cosas que los usuarios de plataformas elásticas nos han ido contando. Creo que sin lugar a dudas todos nos habéis trasladado vuestras inquietudes respecto al problema que supone para una empresa atarse a una determinada solución […]

Managing Openstack Block Storage with StackOps Portal

OpenStack Block Storage (codename Cinder) is an infrastructure component to manage block storage integrated as volumes in an OpenStack Compute platform. Previously this feature were implemented with nova-volume. Hence, Cinder is a new project launched in the “F” Folsom release of Openstack and comes to replace the old nova-volume decoupling it from Nova component. Cinder […]

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